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Things to know before you go

 Transferring is typically a two part process for a majority of Universities. First part is admissions and the second part is advising. Most coursework will only be evaluated during the admissions process and once the coursework has been evaluated for transferability, the advising process will then evaluate the coursework for applicability.

Transfer requirements differ between institutions, so it is important to research what the specific requirements are from each institution. The requirements that differ can include but are not limited to:

  • The maximum amount of hours that can be applied towards a degree
  • The minimum GPA required for admissions
  • The minimum amount of Earned hours required to be considered a Transfer
  • The policy in calculating GPA for admissions
  • Additional requirements for entrance into specific majors

The State of Texas has taken an active initiative to assure that transferring between public Colleges/Universities within the State is a seamless process. Even though there may be many differences in each universities transfer process, there are several components that are practiced by all Texas colleges and universities.

To assure courses transfer between schools, the Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS) is required to be used by all Texas public schools. The TCCNS cover freshman and sophomore level general academic courses.

Another component is the Texas Core Curriculum. The Texas Core Curriculum is required to be completed before receiving an academic undergraduate degree at any state public institution of higher education. The Core is made up of 9 subject areas and each has a designated Core Component Code;

Core Curriculum
Core Code Core Subject Required HRS
010 Communication 6 HRS
020 Mathmatics 3 HRS
030 Life and Physical Sciences 6 HRS
040 Language, Philosopy and Culture 3 HRS
050 Creative Arts 3 HRS
060 American History 6 HRS
070 Governmental/Political Science 6 HRS
080 Social and Behavioral Science 3 HRS
090 Option designated by instituion  Varies

011, 021,031, 041, 081

Option designated by instituion Varies
TOTAL   42-47 HRS

All Core Curricula must include courses in the 010, 020, 030, 040, 050, 060, 070 and 080 categories. Institutions may then select from 011, 021, 031, 041, 081 and 090 to complete the institutions own core curriculum. If you complete the Core Curriculum at on institution, it will satisfy the Core Curriculum at any other public college or university in Texas.

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