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Sophomore Checklist: Staying on Track!

Use this checklist to stay on track and get prepared for college!

[  ] Make a diploma plan  with your counselor.
[  ] Take tough classes.
[  ] Choose electives that will help you learn about your interests.
[  ] Visit college campuses.
[  ] Research Colleges and their Admission Requirements.
[  ] Talk to your counselor/mentor about your college plans.
[  ] Get to know your teachers.
[  ] Register for and take the practice PSAT in the Fall.
[  ] Keep a schedule or agenda.
[  ] Participate in academic enrichment programs—PREP, Pentathlon, Decathlon, AVID.
[  ] Keep a folder of your accomplishments
  • Awards
  • Certificates
  • Community Service Log
  • Job shadowing and internships letters of participation
[  ] Get a Reality Check! Check out which careers will pay for the lifestyle of your dreams.
[ ] Build your personalized career plan, develop your resume, and research college and universities. 
[  ] Retake your Learning Style Quiz -Your learning style changes and grows!
[  ] Work hard to keep a high GPA!  Make sure you're doing your homework!
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