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The Final Piece: April - June

A checklist of final things to do once the acceptance letters start rolling in but BEFORE you walk across the stage and accept your high school diploma!

[  ] Graduate!

[  ] Review your college acceptances and compare the colleges' financial aid packages 

[  ] Decide which school you want to attend. Notify the school of your choice and submit any required financial deposit. Many schools require notification/deposit by May 1.

[  ] Make all of your deposits on time: class spot, housing, etc.

[  ] Send final high school transcript to your college. If you took dual credit, request college transcript.

[  ] Make sure verification  documents for FAFSA are submitted.

[  ] Submit all FAFSA required documents, loans, work study, other worksheets.

[  ] Tuition is due tomorrow and you don’t have the money!  What to do: 

  • Take out an emergency loan

  • Check on installment payments

  • Meet with a college financial aid advisor/counselor

[  ] Your college might request additional information and documents. Respond by all deadlines or you will not receive federal student aid!

[  ] Accept your financial awards or contact a school’s financial aid office if you have questions about your financial aid.

[  ] Update your required immunizations shots.

[  ] Register for college classes.

[  ] Attend College Orientation.

[  ] Attend class every day: Your freshmen year is the most important year of college!

[  ] Keep a high GPA throughout college to continue to qualify for financial aid, scholarships, and to get into graduate school, law school, or medical school. Employers look at your GPA too!

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