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Fall Senior Checklist: September-December

Use this checklist to help you stay on track the Fall of your Senior year.

[   ] Keep your grades up Senior year.  You still have to PASS to graduate.  So make sure you're doing your homework, even if you have applications and college essays to complete.
[   ] Complete college applications.
[   ] Talk to your counselor to ensure you’re on track to graduate and meet
       college admissions requirements.
[   ] Keep a calendar, schedule or agenda for all the upcoming deadlines.
[   ] Ask for transcripts and other important documents way before the deadline!
[   ] If you haven’t done so, register and take tests such as the SAT, SAT Subject tests, and ACT. Check with the colleges to see which one they require for admission.
Letter of Recommendation: Things to Do
[   ] Think ahead! Ask for letters of recommendations way before the deadline.
[   ] Provide a Resume.
[   ] Give your recommender enough time to complete the letter.
      (Don’t expect them to write it over night!).
[   ] Attend financial aid nights offered at your school.
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