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Why Community College Could Be the Next Step and Best Step for You

Why Community College Could Be the Next Step and Best Step for You link to information below.

Community colleges were developed for two major purposes.

REASON 1: Provides basic courses students can transfer towards a Bachelor’s degree.

REASON 2: Prepares students for the job market by offering career training, as well as courses for students who want to upgrade their skills for advancement.

  • Is a Certificate or Associate’s Degree the Path for You?
  • Here are some reasons why you might attend a community college:
    • You're Tight on Funds.
    • Cost of attendance at community colleges is LESS than state or private colleges/universities. You can complete 2 years of coursework for less and then transfer to a university!
    • You Want to Build Your Skills Before Transferring
    • If you aren't academically ready, community colleges offer classes and one-on-one tutoring to help you strengthen your basic skills.
    • You've been out of School for a While.
    • While many four-year colleges and universities have selection criteria for attendance, community colleges are open to everyone.

You Want to Get a Degree Quickly.

  • Take courses in specialized areas of study. Many community colleges have certificate programs that take less time to complete.
  • You Work or Have Commitments and Need a Flexible Schedule.
  • Community colleges offer classes throughout the day and evening, weekends, and online.
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