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What's an Internship?

An internship can last a few weeks to a few months and is one way you can explore your career interests and gain experience working in a field-from physics to advertising to fashion. Some internships are paid and provide housing, others provide neither, just the experience.


You Can Explore Potential Careers
It will help you figure out if the profession you’re thinking about pursuing is for you.

It Will Help You Stand Out from the Crowd
Gain experience in a field you plan to pursue in college strengthens your college applications.

You Will Gain Valuable Insight
You learn how to work in a professional setting.

You Will Meet Lots of New People
You will gain contacts that may lead to other opportunities throughout high school and can snag you a job right out of college.

Where to find an internship:

  • Talk with mentors, teachers, and counselors and see what is available in your community.
  • Look at company websites to see if there are opportunities in your area. 
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