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Junior Checklist: Getting Ready for College Application Season!

Use the checklists below to stay on track for graduation and get ready for college admission!

All Year

[ ] Work hard to keep a high GPA!
[ ] Research a profession's job outlook. Go to www.bls.gov/oco!
[ ] Get a Reality Check! Check out which type of careers will pay for your lifestyle.
[ ] Get to know your teachers. You will need them to write letters of recommendation for college and scholarships!
[ ] Keep a calendar, schedule or agenda. Try this site. 
[ ] Keep a folder of your accomplishments

  • Awards

  • Certificates

  • Community Service Log

  • Job shadowing and internships letters of participation


[ ] Talk to your counselor, make sure you’re on track to graduate and meet college admission requirements.
[ ] Take AP or dual credit courses at your high school to save money in college and increase your GPA. Find out how AP & Dual Credit Save You Money!
[ ] Find out the following from your counselor: your class rank, your GPA, and how many credits you have earned.
[ ] Create a Resume.
[ ] Ask to see a copy of your high school transcript.
[ ] Get a professional e-mail address. ex: FirstName.LastName@domain.com
[ ] Make a list of colleges that you wish to research online.
[ ] Research requirements regarding entrance and placement exams at the colleges in which you are interested.
[ ] Register and start applying for scholarships.
[ ] Work hard to keep a high GPA!  Make sure you're doing your homework!
[ ] Retake your Learning Style Quiz. Your learning style changes and grows!


[ ] Study for the ACT and SAT 

[ ] Decide when to take the test and register before the deadline for the ACT at www.actstudent.org (Ask your counselor about a Fee Waiver).
[ ] Decide when to take the test and register before the deadline for the SAT and SAT Subject Tests at www.collegeboard.com (Ask your counselor about a Fee Waiver).
[ ] Take the SAT and ACT-Show up early for the test with your ID, registration form, and other things you may need like a light jacket (in case you get cold), a basic calculator, pencils, and a pencil sharpener.
[ ] Take the Accuplacer!
[ ] Discuss the colleges you are interested in with your counselor/mentors assisting with your college applications.
[ ] Start finalizing your college list.
[ ] Investigate college costs.
[ ] Continue applying for scholarships.
[ ] Familiarize yourself with ways to pay for college.
[ ] Work hard to keep a high GPA!  Make sure you're doing your homework!

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