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College Preparation Goals

Juniors – Look at the list below and develop your own timeline for completing the college access activities listed. Make sure to:

  •  Prioritize the list according to your plan. Some will require specific deadlines and some may be ongoing.
  • Keep a College Access Calendar for planned and completed activities.

REMEMBER! You are responsible for taking care of your college access business with the guidance and advice from your counselor and other school staff.

_____ Keep an Academic Portfolio and a record of your extra-curricular activities.
_____ Ask to see a copy of your high school transcript.
_____ Have a discussion with your parents or guardian about college, college finances, majors, and your future plans.
_____ Talk to college friends, relatives and teachers about their college experience.
_____ Get a professional sounding e-mail address; avoid cute or eye-brow raising informal addresses such as nicknames.
_____ Become involved in extra-curricular activities, voluntary community service, as well as church or community organizations.
_____ Pursue advanced placement or dual credit courses available in your high school to save money in college and increase your GPA.
_____ Register for and take the PSAT/NMSQT. Your scores could qualify you for scholarship money.
_____ Talk to your guidance counselor about your scores and investigate ways to improve your scores before taking the SAT.
_____ Stay focused on your grades and attendance in your classes.
_____ Write a resume and continually update it with current information about you and your activities.
_____ Make a list of colleges that you wish to research on line.
_____ Discuss the colleges in which you are interested with your counselor or other staff members assisting with your college access.
_____ Attend college fairs and college visits scheduled on your campus, and visit colleges.
_____ Become familiar with the requirements regarding standardized testing at the colleges in which you are interested.
_____ Register before the deadline for the ACT, SAT, and SAT Subject Tests
_____ Follow through by reporting for the ACT, SAT, and SAT Subject Tests.
_____ Select senior year classes which meet college requirements and which demonstrate to prospective colleges your ongoing commitment to challenging yourself academically.

Print out the Goal Setting Activity for later!

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