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Are you on Track? Take a Quiz


Are You On Track?

Take this quiz NOW to find out if you’re on target before you make the leap from high school to college. Choose the answers that best describe you in the situation. Score yourself at the end to find out if you're on track or if you need to work on a few things.

Or download it and print it for LATER!

1) When I get home from school I’m most likely to…
(A) Watch TV for a few hours before even thinking about my homework, but I
eventually get around to it.
(B) Get a snack and start going over my homework; if I have time I’ll watch some
(C) Rush in and start immediately on my homework, and if I have time start on any
other projects.
(D) Forget that I have homework, and if I do it, it’s probably late.

2) When there’s a new assignment posted on the board, I’m most likely to…
(A) Wait for my teacher to tell me to write it in my planner.
(B) See it and write it in my planner; I’ll probably start thinking about it.
(C) Write it down and start working on it, even if my teacher doesn’t say to.
(D) Not write it down, even if my teacher tells me to.

3) The teacher assigns us a group project and I’m most likely to…
(A) Talk to the other people in my group, if I know them, about our plans for the weekend and then start working.
(B) Ask the group which part they’d like to do and divide the project equally between everyone. Then I start working, of course.
(C) Assign parts to each person, but I might do the whole thing myself, just in case.
(D) Not really do much. I might glue some stuff on the board. Ugh, I don’t like group work.

4) It’s the night before a big test and I’m most likely...
(A) Thinking about studying right after I finish this level of my new video game.
(B) Relaxing. I may go over a few parts, but I’ve been studying for the past week, and I
feel prepared.
(C) Going over and over my notes, I want to make sure I have this perfect.
(D) Freaking out! I totally forgot about it. I try to cram as much as I can that night.

5) The tests are graded; you get back your results, and most likely…
(A) I got a C+... pretty good.
(B) A, for awesome!
(C) A, can this be right? Where’s my plus sign? I was sure I aced it.
(D) D+... Thank goodness I didn’t fail.



Step 1: Write in the number of times you chose each letter in the spaces provided below.

Total number of A’s ___
Total number of B’s ___
Total number of C’s ___
Total number of D’s ___

Step 2: Look in the ANSWER KEY to see whether you’re on track or need to work on a few things!

Answer Key:

If you chose…

Mostly A’s: You need to work harder to get into college!
Mostly B’s: Keep it up! You’re on the right track!
Mostly C’s: Be careful! Find a balance between work and play.
Mostly D’s: You’re in trouble. Re-evaluate your plans.

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