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Make a Career Plan

Some careers like Pharmacy, Law, Medicine, Engineering and other professional and highly specialized careers require early planning. Here is a sample career plan to get you thinking.

Create Your Own Career Plan like the one below to know what special things you should be doing to get on track.

 My Career Plan

Career Goal

To become a pharmacist. To provide information about drugs and help patients understand the instructions their doctors provided.


 Undergraduate—Doesn’t require bachelor’s, but at least two years of college study including math, chemistry, biology, physics, humanities and social sciences
 Test to get into Pharmacy Program—Take the Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT)
 Get accepted into a Pharmacy program accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE)
 Graduate School –Earn Doctor of Pharmacy degree (Pharm.D)
 Get Licensed—Pass the North American Pharmacist Licensure Exam administered by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP)

 Ability to work as part of a team
 Detail Oriented
 Scientific Aptitude- Good at science
 Good Communication Skills
 Management Skills
 Sales skills
 Research skills

Current Skills and Interests
 Summer worker for local family-owned pharmacy
 Certified Pharmacy Technician
 High school AP Calculus, AP Geometry
 High school AP Biology, AP Chemistry
 Experience working as a team
 Experience explaining durable medical equipment to patients

Plan to Reach Career Goal
 Attend the University of Texas Austin School of Pharmacy
 Get an internship with a drug company like Pfizer
 Continue working for local family owned pharmacy
 Keep my Pharmacy Technician Certification current
 Study, take, and pass AP exams
 Join campus organizations for medical and science students

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